3 Tips for Safe Winter Driving

It’s that time of year again: temps are dropping, and snow is falling. Whether you like it or not, winter is here and with it comes dangerous driving conditions. Ensuring that your car is equipped with the necessary parts to traverse New England’s winter tundra is a must for drivers of all ages. To help you prepare for the blistering months ahead and drive safely, we compiled a small checklist of areas to consider when winterizing your vehicle.

One of the first areas you should inspect when winterizing your vehicle is the tread of the tires you use. Visual indicators like “wear bars” are a great way to ensure your tires are compliant with most state laws and will indicate 2/32” of remaining depth.

For winter months, most New England drivers should consider equipping their vehicles with snow tires. Unlike traditional tires, snow tires are purposely designed to be able to compress snow and provide traction as they roll: a result of deeper tread widths. To maximize grip and control, we recommend that your snow tires have above 6/32” of depth.

Where heat is the name of the game during any winter commute, it’s essential that drivers make sure their car battery is functioning correctly. Unlike the warmer spring and summer months, cold weather can severely diminish the efficiency of your battery. For example, at 32°F, your car battery loses an estimated 35% of its strength, and at 0°F, it loses as much as 60%. The best way for drivers to ensure their batteries can handle the frigid weather is to get them tested by professional technicians and limit the number of additional electronics that drain their power.

As if road conditions weren’t tricky enough, visibility is a major aspect of driver safety that must be addressed during winter months. Unlike the precipitation of other seasons, it’s crucial that drivers equip their car with windshield wipers capable of handling mother nature’s wintery mix. By design, upgrading to winter blades is a great way to guarantee they won’t freeze or allow snow to build up when you need them the most, keeping yourself and other drivers safe during any commute.

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