Car Battery Basics: What You Should Know

Out of sight and out of mind, many drivers rarely think of their car battery until it’s too late and their vehicle will not start. When replacement becomes the only solution, refer to these battery basics to help you navigate the purchasing process to find the right battery for your car. Different Types of Batteries […]

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Why “Warming Up” in Colder Months is Bad for Your Engine

Part of many morning routines, it’s not uncommon to find cars idling in driveways as drivers wait inside, allowing time for their car to heat up in the cold winter months. Once practical decades ago, many of today’s drivers still believe that warming up their vehicle is good engine maintenance. The reality of the situation […]

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Brake Failure: What to Do and How to Avoid It

For a driver, there is no scarier sensation than realizing that your brakes have failed. Regardless of speed, the helpless feeling can be stressful for any driver, which is why it’s important to remain calm and know the various ways you can slow yourself down. Often a result of part fatigue, the traumatic experience can […]

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3 Tips for Safe Winter Driving

Winter is here. Check out these tips to ensure that your car is equipped with the necessary parts to traverse New England’s winter tundra and drive safely this season.

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Gauging Tire Pressure in Winter Weather

Often overlooked, your vehicle’s tire pressure has a significant impact on the performance of your vehicle and overall safety.

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