Training Services

Sanel NAPA offers training services and classes to help educate customers on changes, trends, and procedures in the paint and body equipment, automotive, and heavy-duty repair industries. The locations of these trainings, will vary across our auto parts store locations in New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts including our premier training facility located in Concord, NH.

We offer the following types of training services:

  • Professional training series
  • Automotive technical clinics
  • Heavy-duty training series
  • Paint and body training series

Here are some of the classes we offer regularly:

  • Heavy-duty training classes available
  • Technical training classes for the professional technician on various topics in methods including hands-on, classroom, and online education

Electronic Climate Control Diagnostics

NAPA Autotech Training brings to you the “Know How” you’ll need to successfully diagnose and repair all varieties of climate control systems. Manufacturers have found a multitude of ways to add automatic controls to systems for safe, undistracted driver and passenger comfort. Do you understand what role the various computers play in operating the climate controls systems? Let NAPA Autotech show you the way. We will explain the differences between partial and fully automated systems, as well as multi-zone climate systems. Many vehicles equipped with heated and cooled seats are aging, and suffering failures. While we are at it, you will see quick tips for diagnosing heated mirror and heated steering wheel system faults. Diagnosis and testing of the following:

    If you are interested in signing up for any of these classes please contact your local Sanel NAPA representative.

    Targeting & Destroying Intermittent Faults

    Very few techs enjoy dealing with a customer who starts by saying, “Sometimes my car does              ”. NAPA Autotech Training can give you the information you need to quickly formulate a plan of action for handling intermittent faults. We will show you how to take the Critical Thinking Skills learned in earlier classes and apply them to the car at hand. Using your lab scope, or logic probe, to drill down rapidly to a problem’s cause is a snap when you know what to expect from a given system. For example, when a fault occurs how does the module in command handle it? What is the reaction to an open or shorted circuit. Knowing how the computer is likely to react can provide valuable clues to the failed system.

      If you are interested in signing up for any of these classes please contact your local Sanel NAPA representative.


      Fuel System Gasoline Engines

      In this class you will learn and revisit tools and techniques concerning vehicles plagued with lean codes, rich codes, misfires, catalytic damage, crankcase dilution and fuel contamination concerns.

      • Pressure and Volume Testing
      • Alternate Transducer Pressure Testing
      • Specific Gravity Testing
      • Low AMP Probe Testing
      • Injector Testing
      • Fuel Pump Circuit Testing
      • Fuel Relay Testing
      • Pressure Regulator Diagnostics
      • Fuel Leak Down Testing
      • Fuel Trim Graphing
      • Fuel Pump Waveform Analysis
      • Pump Voltage Drop Testing
      • Pressure and Volume Relationship
      • Introducing New Tools and Techniques
      • Calculating Fuel Requirements
      • Injector and Carbon Cleaning
      • Reformulated Fuels
      • New Fuel Sensors
      • Fix it With a Flash
      • Brushless Pump Operation
      • Satisfying the Fuel System Monitor

      If you are interested in signing up for any of these classes please contact your local Sanel NAPA representative.

      Network Communication & Diagnostics

      In this class you will gain understanding of how the network operates and be able to apply this knowledge in a practical way to the vehicles in your bay.

      • Basic Understanding of What You Need to Know about Bus Systems
      • Isolating Modules for Quicker Diagnostics
      • Tech Tips from Real World Case Studies
      • Proper Techniques and the Importance of Terminal Integrity
      • How to Deal with Each Module One on One
      • Precautions that Will Save You Mistakes

      Profiting in an ADAS World – Advanced ADAS Diagnosis & Repair

      High tech advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are designed to help avoid the human error situations that cause a large number of dangerous automobile accidents every day. New drivers are becoming increasingly dependent on these built-in safety features; which means repair shops can expect a high level of profitability if they are ready to be equipped and trained to handle ADAS related repairs. This NAPA Autotech presentation will take your team to the next level in understanding the equipment and tactics needed for advanced level ADAS repairs and procedures.

      • Real World ADAS Systems Overview
      • Repair Procedures & Common Resets
      • ADAS Related Programming & Equipment
      • Advanced Level ADAS Multiplexing & Communication

Automotive Technical Clinics



Federal-Mogul Garage Gurus

Check out this valuable training from Federal-Mogul – Garage Gurus

Click on the logos to the right for information about training online or at the Garage Gurus training facility. A Garage Gurus training facility is now open in Stoughton, MA

 Garage Gurus
Fel-Pro Brand Specific Website and Training: felpro
Moog Specific Website and Training by Moog Problem Solver: moog

Free BBB Industries Training

BBB Industries has posted many informative training videos on their website bbbind
Selections include troubleshooting an alternator or starter, replacing an alternator or starter and many more

Gates Interactive Automotive Training from the Experts


Powering Progress

Gates Performance Center

Learn at Your Pace Anytime, Anywhere.

Accelerate your automotive knowledge by learning technical information about belts, hoses and hydraulic products.  We know you’re busy, so we launchedGates Performance Center, your source for free, self-directed online courses available anytime, day or night.

  • Automotive and Heavy Duty Accessory Belt Drive System Training
  • Timing System Training
  • Cooling System Training
  • …and much more

Track your training progress and print certificates after each course.

Visit to get started.

Access belt, hose, and hydraulic training materials.

Gates Performance Center includes:

Heavy Duty Training

Heavy Duty Air Brake Systems & ABS

This class will dissect the charging system, primary air system, secondary air system and the parking system.  Not only will it enlighten you on these systems but we will also troubleshoot many problems that can occur in the total air system.  It will also tell you how the system should function and how to repair the system right the first time and save replacement of unnecessary parts.  The seminar will also go over ABS tractor and trailer problems that occur in these systems and air disk brake system.

2019 Locations and Times TBD   



Free web-based training from WEBB!

  • Watch 3 short videos that highlight proper wheel-end installation procedures and the consequences of not following proper procedures.
  • Take the online test.
  • Earn a certificate by passing the online test.
  • Receive a free prize from Webb Wheel (while supplies last – one per participant).
Click on the Webb logo to access the Webb Training Toolbox!

Paint & Body Training

Do you need a training class for an auto body repair?  Let us help you design a course on your needs (For example, 3M or SEM).

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