These Simple Maintenance Strategies Will Keep Your Tires Driving for Longer

While it may not always seem like it, your tires are some of the most important parts of your vehicle. When your tires are properly maintained, the entire vehicle performs better from handling to stability and safety. When your tires are neglected and become damaged or underinflated, they become a hazard on the road and can lead to hydroplaning or even a tire blowout. Proper tire maintenance can allow you to stay in control of your vehicle.

It’s true that your tires need regular maintenance, but you don’t need to be a certified mechanic to know the warning signs of tire failure and the precautions that you can take. Here are a few simple but effective ways to keep your car’s ride as smooth as possible.

Regular Tire Rotations

Rotating your vehicle’s tires entails moving each wheel from one position to another. The most frequent form of tire rotation moves the front tires to the rear of the vehicle and the rear tires to the front. Tire rotations are typically called for every 5,000 to 7,500 miles–and some manufacturers even require annual tire rotations to keep their warranty active. One of the biggest benefits of tire rotations is that they can save you money on tire maintenance.

The main reason you need to rotate your tires is to ensure that they wear down evenly. Tires wear down at different rates depending on their location and the vehicle’s drivetrain. Ensuring even wear can save you hundreds on replacements and repairs by keeping your tires from wearing down too quickly.

If your vehicle is front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive, there are several different potential rotation patterns for your tires. To find the correct rotation pattern for your vehicle, follow the directions in the owner’s manual or ask a knowledgeable professional.

Visual Tire Inspections

A visual inspection of your vehicle’s tires can be done in a few seconds before you start your next drive. Take notice of whether your tires look over-inflated or under-inflated. This can indicate that something could be wrong with your tire’s air pressure.

Over-inflation causes the middle section of the tire to contact the road the most and increases wear on the tread. Under-inflation is the opposite, creating more wear on the outside of the tire. If you notice either of these visual indicators, check your tire’s air pressure and make sure it matches up with the manufacturer’s recommended inflation for your vehicle.

Another visual indication that something may be wrong with your tires can be the tread. If you notice that there is more wear on one edge of your tire tread than another, this could be an indicator that your tires are out of alignment. The alignment of your tires adjusts the angle they contact the road; having an improper alignment can seriously affect tread wear, or make your vehicle pull to one side while driving.

Warning Signs During Your Drive

Not all signs of tire wear can be seen visually, sometimes you need to be on the road to know that something is amiss. A symptom of tire wear while driving can be unusual vibrations or thumping noises. These can indicate an out-of-balance tire, a tire with a separated belt, or a tire that has a tread with a flat spot due to skidding or sudden stops.

Each of these signs can be a threat on its own, but together they can create a dangerous situation and increase your risk of a blowout on the road. Don’t wait until you need tire replacements, start performing regular tire maintenance checks today.

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